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Welcome to the Star Masters Training Academy!


Join the ranks of your favourite Masters and train with the Galaxy's most revered Star

Master as he takes you and your party through your paces.

Blast the trooper

Be ready to take the bunker with the special crystals to power your saber. Be aware the bunker is heavily protected by a storm trooper who wants to keep you out of the bunker and prevent you from getting into the academy. Can you blast your way into the bunker and begin your training?

Join the Academy

Only those chosen few are permitted admission into the Star Masters Training Academy. Take the oath, Listen to your Instructor and very soon you will be proficient in your saber technique and use of the force.

Beware of the Dark Side

Get ready for the ultimate battle to defend the universe and protect the stolen plans from the Dark Lord himself. Draw upon all of the skills from your training in the final duel to complete your training.

Birthday Star Wars-o-gram?

Did you know the Dark Lord could sing?

For our Star Wars-o-gram experience your party will be visited by a dancing storm trooper heralding the way for the Dark Lord. He has a special birthday message for your child followed by his throaty rendition of 'Happy Birthday'. The two will then make the rounds greeting the guests, plenty of photo opportunities.

2 Characters

Party length - 30 minutes

Dance song - 'Happy' Pharrell Williams