Terms and Conditions

A deposit of £50 must be paid within 4 days of receiving confirmation of your booking. The outstanding amount is due, in full, no later than one week before the date of the party/experience. If we have not received the full amount by one week before, your booking may be cancelled, and the deposit withheld.
There are to be no more than 25 children at the party and all must be over the age of 5. 
A suitable venue must be provided for the party/appearance. The main space must be no less than 12 x 12 meters. There must also be changing facilities for our actors, powerpoints in the space and parking access. 
Parents or guardians hosting the party must be in attendance at all times. 
By agreeing to these terms and conditions you confirm that you are happy that 'Nerf' guns and lightsabers will be given to the children to use at certain points of the party/experience. Whilst all precautions will be taken for the safety of the children, you  accept that Star Masters will not be liable for any accidents or injuries that may occur. You also understand that all equipment and props belonging to Star Masters must be returned on request during the party. There will be a charge for any items unaccounted for after the party/experience has concluded.
Child safety is incredibly important to us, but so is the safety of our staff and we maintain the right to stop the party at any point if there is any apparent danger to our performers or any of our equipment, or indeed if the behavior of the party guests is so that it prevents the team from continuing with the party/experience,
By submitting the booking form you accept these terms and conditions.


All parties outside of the blue circles start at £600

  • A - £380

  • A - £380

  • B - £400

  • C - £420

  • D - £480